戴安娜王妃语录 Princess Diana Things she said




1. "I found myself wanting to hug and kiss (my sons)all the time. But they have rather passed that stage. I kept reminding myself

 that they were nearly young men who didn't want to be kissed and hugged by their mother too much."

2. When William told the press that his greatest interest was "exploring wastepaper baskets," Diana whispered in his ear,

"Who's the little superstar, then?"

3. Diana frequently said: "The best part of my day is getting home to the children."

4. By May 1997: "William is six feet one inch now. The girls will love him when he is a little bit older. It's amazing that he is 

now taller than both his mother and his father." 5. Responding to criticism for taking her children with her to visit Fergie's former lover Paddy McNally's villa in the south 

of France: "They are our children. They are not the possession of the Crown or State."

6. Early in 1996, Diana told journalists: "The boys are both doing very well at school. William is doing well academically and doesn't really like it. He'd prefer to do other things but sticks to his work 

and is getting on fine."

7. In response to the suggestions that Princes William and Harry were too young to be introduced to homeless shelters and AIDS wards, Diana said: "I want them to have an understanding of people's emotions, of people's insecurities, of people's distress, of their hopes and dreams."

8. On Harry learning about the world: "Through learning what I do and his father does, he has got an insight into what is coming his way. He's not hidden upstairs with the governess." 9. "I want them to experience what I already know---that they are growing up in a multiracial society in which not everyone is rich, has four holidays a year, speaks standard English, and has a Range Rover."

10. "I want them to grow up knowing there are poor people as well as palaces."

11. "Both William and Harry, I take them around homelessness projects. I've taken William and Harry to people dying of AIDS, albeit I've told 

them it was cancer. I've taken the children to all sorts of areas where I'm not sure anyone of that age in this family has been before, and they have a knowledge. They may never use it, but the seed is there and I hope it will grow, because knowledge is power."

12. In the matter of her sons' nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, who Diana felt was getting far too close to her sons (and her husband), Diana said: "I am the boys' mother, thank you very much."

13. "I think it's important that they see the suffering in the world and have personal knowledge of it."

14. William saw headlines about his father that shrieked I NEVER LOVED HER. "Is it true, Mummy?" he asked. She replied: "When we first married, we loved each other as much as I love you now."

15. "I've told the boys, 'Remember there is always someone in a high-rise flat who doesn't want you to shoot Bambis.'"

16. When Liz Tilberis, former editor of British Vogue, asked whether Diana had her kids with her, she replied: "Oh, no. They're in Scotland shooting little furry things with their father."

17. On William at fourteen: "He's getting very tall---and we all know which side of the family that's come from."

18. "William and Harry are the only men in my life who haven't let me down."

19. Diana's assessment of her sons in 1992: "William is a typical Gemini---very sensitive and emotional. Harry is a happy-go-lucky character who takes things in his stride. Harry is most at ease with the royal world. He loves castles and soldiers and pomp. William is very much his father's son in his sporting habits and is at his happiest a Balmoral."

20. Comedian Joan Rivers remembers the day she met Diana. William had just gone off to Eton, and she asked Diana whether she'd redecorated his room yet. Diana replied: "I don't know whether to make it a sauna or gym."

21. "Only when the baby (Harry) is a lot older will he realize how lucky he is not being the eldest. The second child will never have the same sort of pressures or problems that poor William will always have to put up with."

22. "I am only too aware of the temptation of avoiding harsh reality, not just for myself but for my own children, too. Am I doing them a favor if I hide suffering and unpleasantness from them until the last possible minute? The last minute which I choose for them may be too late. I can only face them with a choice based on what I know. The rest is up to them."

23. Diana's favorite phrase at tucking-in time: "Who loves you most?"

24. After Fergie and Andrew's wedding in September 1986: "Did you see William? I'm glad he behaved himself because he can be a bit of a prankster. William is just like me, always in trouble, but he'll grow out of it."

25."I just want my children to be happy and normal. I will do everything I can to help them achieve these very ordinary feelings."

26. Diana vowed to protect her sons from frequent public duty for as long as possible.

"My sons won't be pushed into doing anything public---unlike the Queen and Princess Margaret, who appeared in public at a very early age during the teens. William and Harry will definitely be broken in gently."

27. On a visit to an orphanage, a thirteen-year-old asked Diana why William wasn't with her......

"I didn't bring William today because he's a little pest. he won't do as he's told and touches everything."

Then, while watching a seventeen-year-old demonstrate break dancing, Diana jokingly told him:

"I'll buy you a new pair of trousers if you split those."

28. Diana told a woman in the crowd waiting to see her in Nova Scotia:

I wish I had William with me. We've been away a few hours, but I miss him very much. I'm really sorry we couldn't bring him."

29. Two months before she died, Diana said:

"All my hopes are on William now. I don't want to push him. Charles suggested that he might go to Hong Kong for the handover, but he said, "Mummy, must I? I just don't feel ready." I try to din into him all the time about the media--the dangers and how he must understand and handle it. I think it's too late for the rest of the family. But William---I think he has it. I think he understands. I'm hoping he'll grow up to be as smart about it as John Kennedy Jr. I want William to be able to handle things as well as John does."

30. The birth of William: "We had to find a date in the diary that suited Charles and his polo. William had to be induced because I could not handle the press pressure any longer. It was becoming unbearable. Anyway the boy arrived, great excitement, thrills, everyone was absolutely as high as a kite. We found a day Charles could get off his polo pony for me to give birth. So that was very nice, felt very grateful about that."


1. "I was always told by my family that I was the thick one, that I was stupid, and that my brother was the clever one, and I was always so conscious of that."

2. "I used to go to the headmistress crying, saying, 'I wish I wasn't so stupid'."

3. "My parents - they never said they loved me. There was no idea (that they loved me). There was always a kiss there (she points to her cheek), there was no hugs or anything like that."

4. "They were upstairs in this spare room. They were arguing with the doors open and I looked around it and I saw that. "

5. Turning to the way she coped with the divorce as a child, she says: "My father told me about five years ago. "He said, 'You sat on the doorstep. You didn't eat, you didn't bath, you didn't sleep. You just sat there. You just, you know, never spoke'."


【叙和Mother Teresa

1.Calcutta, India

The princess reaches out to a patient at Mother Teresa’s hospice on Feb.15, 1995. Diana was a dear friend of the nun, who had said, “She was very much concerned about the poor. That’s why she came close to me.”

2. Sisters in Charity

Mother Teresa and Diana – both active champions for human rights – met on June 18, 1997, at the Missionaries of Charity in the south Bronx. “Diana is my daughter,” the nun often said.

3. With Mother Teresa

By the time of their last meeting, Mother Teresa had become so important to her that Diana insisted on changing her schedule when she realized they were together on the same continent. Shortly after she returned from this trip in June 1997 Jean- Paul Calverie talked with Diana about the meeting. "She invited me to join her for lunch at Kensington Palace. She was just back in the morning from Newyork where she had been preparing for the dress auction. She had had a breakfast with Mrs. Clinton, and she was happy to meet her, but what was so important for her was having this meeting with Mother Teresa in New York. And when she told me what they had spoken about and the relationship with Mother Teresa, suddenly she began to cry, because she was so touched by this person and felt so close to her. She told me:"I have a position in this world. I'm lucky to have this position. And I'm here to help others. I can't stay in this palace without doing things to help others." And you can't imagine how sincere she was.

"What was important for the princess, I think, is that Mother Teresa understood her very well. And she admired Mother Teresa. For the princess, it was so important to listen to what Mother Teresa said, and to get a certain kind of recognition from her for her actions. They spoke about how to help others and how to speak to the dying. She was very interested in speaking about this problem, because it is the main problem for the people who are in difficulties. Their anxiety is about suffering, but also their fear of dying. And she was deeply upset by this problem and she spoke of that with Mother Teresa. And during this lunch- -I didn't know, of course, that it was the last lunch, this was two monthes before the accident--she explained to me what was the problem of dying, after this conversation with Mother Teresa. And suddenly she began to cry. "